Holiday Gift Guide For Women


Written By: Shannon Sweeney

This holiday season, say goodbye to jewelry and handbags for the women in your life. Instead, look at something that will help them relax, take better care of themselves, or make them feel comfortable when they’re lounging at home.

We’re all about providing things that will make people feel happier and healthier — and these gift ideas will help your significant other, sister, friend, or mom feel good about herself this holiday season. From comfortable underwear and loungewear to a monthly audiobook subscription, take a look at these 8 brands that women love (and find discounts for each of these brands on our website here).



Getting underwear for the holidays is officially cool thanks to MeUndies. MeUndies makes the most comfortable underwear and bras for women in amazing prints and styles, including thong, brief, and bikini. They even have socks and T-shirts for ultra lounging comfort. MeUndies has a section that’s dedicated to gift giving on their website, making it even easier to shop. They have an underwear subscription you can gift so that she can look forward to new undies every month. Bonus: You can get matching underwear designs so you benefit from the comfort, too.

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Being a woman is expensive, especially when it comes to reproductive care. And she shouldn’t have to break the bank to have the best quality care — that’s where Lola comes in. Lola makes trusted products for reproductive health, including 100% organic cotton tampons, essential oils to help with cramps, and wellness kits. They offer a number of different subscriptions, so the woman you’re shopping for never has to worry about running out of products at the worst possible time again.


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Nutrisystem for Women

For women looking to start the New Year with a fresh, healthy start, Nutrisystem is a great way for them to achieve their goal. Their nutrition-filled programs will help her be happy and healthy if she’s looking for ways to help her lose any extra pounds. They have plans ranging from $10 a day to $14 a day, and each is tailor-made to her specific lifestyle and goals. Help the woman in your life feel the absolute best she can be by shopping for one of these plans today.

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public goods.jpg

Public Goods

Public Goods takes self-care to a whole new level. Their products are used with only safe and healthy ingredients at an affordable price. They have hair products, face products, toothpaste, essential oils, and more, and for $59 a year, you get new products every month. At a price like that, the woman you’re shopping for won’t have to worry about expensive hair care routines or spending too much money on taking care of herself — their top of the line products are affordable and effective. There’s even a free trial so she can find out if their products are right for her. Shop gift boxes and more here.

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Vegamour started by being inspired to help women find a safer way to battle hair loss, from the loss of lashes and brows to thinning hair on your scalp. If the woman you’re shopping for is looking to make her lashes and brows fuller, or to prevent any thinning on her scalp, Vegamour uses only natural and vegan ingredients to create products with efficacy. Say goodbye to big pharma chemicals and hello to a new way for women to rediscover and celebrate their beauty. They have a number of lash, brow, and hair plans, or you can get a combination based on her specific needs. Shop their products here.

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Easy Canvas

Capture the joy of this holiday season by putting her favorite photos on a beautiful display. Easy Canvas provides canvas prints, wall displays, and collages, so you can pick the perfect display for her. They offer a variety of sizes, and all you have to do is upload your photo or photos and order online. The best part? It’s extremely affordable. Turn her memories into beautiful works of art — something that she’ll love all year long.

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Give the gift of reading this holiday season, something she can enjoy all year long. believes that great books make for a happier and more fulfilled live — and that’s what pushed them to create a book service that allows people to take books wherever they go. No matter if the woman you’re shopping for is at work, the gym, or on vacation, she can listen to an audiobook. If she’s a bookworm and constantly looking for ways to fit reading into her busy schedule, this is the perfect subscription service to do so. Look at their subscription plan here.

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