BistroMD Diet Plan Review


Losing weight is hard enough - why not take out the difficult and confusing parts with a scientifically proven diet meal plan? BistroMD is exactly that: a plain and simple diet meal program that works, based on hard science that’s been helping users meet their goals with great success! It’s a nutritionally balanced diet that includes healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are pre-cooked and sent right to your door.  BistroMD was created by Dr. Caroline J. Cedarquist M.D., a nationally renowned physician who has been helping patients address the root causes of their weight issues since 1991.

The BistroMD plan is an easy one to follow! Here are the four basic steps to getting started:

Step 1: Choose A Plan

You can choose between one of five customizable plans.  Each program gives you free unlimited support from Registered Dietitians, weekly emails and customizable menu of over 150 meals.  BistroMD also has a plethora of meal options to choose from depending on your health requirements.  They have Gluten-Free, Diabetic and Menopause menus, and are always expanding their range of specialty diet offerings.

Step 2: Order

Placing an order takes just a few minutes on BistroMD’s easy-to-navigate website. Browse the plans, choose your options, enter your shipping and billing info and you’re all set! The plan is completely customizable from week to week, and they encourage you to try new dishes and explore your tastes!

Step 3: Customize

Fill out a free diet analysis and get help from Dietitians and create a specific food plan just for you.  BistroMD wants to make sure you are eating meals that will optimize your weight loss experience while enjoying your favorite foods.  With a ton of different entree options and an ever-changing and modern menu, you’ll never get bored with the food.

Going on vacation and want to skip a week? How about one meal? With 24/7 access to the BistroMD portal, you can easily skip meals to suit your needs and schedule.

Step 4: Delivery

The moment you’ve been waiting for - your first order! You’ll receive the whole week’s meals at once, so make sure you’ve got a safe location for the FedEx Ground driver to leave your package. If you placed your order before Tuesday at 12pm ET, it will be delivered the same week. Be on the lookout for a 100% post-consumer recycled shipping box with dry ice and an eco-friendly liner- that’s your new healthy lifestyle waiting to begin!