South Beach Diet Meal Plan Review


What Is The South Beach Diet?

South Beach Diet was created in 2003, as the “modified low carb diet.” Stating they will show you how to get rid of all the bad carbohydrates from your daily diet. You will learn how to balance lean proteins, healthy fats and good carbohydrates to make maintaining a healthy weight in the long term. Dr. Agatston, the creator of South Beach Diet created this plan because of the frustration his patients dealt with after countless attempts at dieting with little results, fatigue and hunger. So why have over 11 million people chosen this diet meal plan to lose weight?

South Beach Diet Is Broken Up Into Three Phases:

Phase 1

Phase 1 is a two-week program that teaches you to remove all refined sugars and starches from your diet. No alcohol, juices, sodas or anything with these sugars in it. You will lose your dependency on carbs that cause cravings and overeating. This phase is basically a cleanse to reset your body before starting the diet. By the time you’re done with this phase your cravings for unhealthy, sugary junk food will be gone.

Phase 2

So now that your body isn’t relying heavily on heavy carbs, you can focus on steady weight loss. Your body now burns fat to create the energy you need. The diet meal plan will now re-introduce healthy foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits with fully prepared South Beach Diet meals. Hopefully your body will crave the good foods now instead of the bad.

Phase 3

Now that your body is trained and satisfied, and you know how to make good diet choices, you can enjoy life losing the weight you desire and feel great through-out the process. The weight loss process will be much easier and less hungry!

So, What Does The Plan Consist Of?

For just $74.75 per week, you will receive a plan full of tasty foods for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, and Dinner. Each meal consists of less refined starches and sugars, no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives that are delicious and satisfying. You get free weight loss tools on “The Palm,” a weight loss blog which helps you keep track of your weight loss, give you tips to keep motivated and optimize your progress and even a daily meal planner. All of the meals are shipped right to your door which is super convenient. Yes, you should add in healthy snacks of your own choosing, but for the most part South Beach Diet takes care of the hard stuff. There’s many options to choose from for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even snacks. What does a Day on South Beach Diet look like? When you add in the pre-prepped meals with your own creations this plan is packed full of amazing foods. For breakfast, how about a Ham & Veggie Frittata with avocado slices on whole wheat toast. Then a nice morning snack of a dark chocolate nut bar. Then for Lunch a home-style chicken and brown rice meal with a simple side salad topped with balsamic vinegar. Afternoon craving? Have some carrot sticks and a hard-boiled egg. Lastly for dinner heat up a delicious sesame-glazed beef and veggie bowl with some sautéed vegetables on the side. Hungry before bed? Have some fruit!