Wonderslim Review


What Is Wonderslim?

If you struggle with diet and weight loss because you don’t know how to eat healthy, cook healthy or just don’t have the time to do so, then Wonderslim is for you. This diet meal plan provides adequate nutrition through meal replacers. This structure helps people lose the desired weight and learn how to keep it off for good. Wonderslim provides you with protein shakes, protein bars, breakfasts, lunches and snack foods. When it comes to grocery shopping this plan gives you a simple grocery list to follow.

Program Options

When on the Wonderslim diet meal plan you will enjoy up to 7 meals per day. You get a choice of three meal plans with over 70 tasty meals including meal replacements and meal supplements. With this many daily meals, you will never feel hungry. There is also a designated plan for women and men that cater to individual calorie and nutritional needs. Each program provides “the BEST VALUE in portion-controlled weight loss programs.” With delicious meals shipped for FREE right to your door, as low as $7.07 per day you can’t go wrong. You can choose from three plans.

1. Basic

This is the budget friendly plan which gives you 4 Wonderslim meals daily. You get to choose from a wide variety of the meal replacement shakes, bars and snacks. On this plan, you have to cook your own lunch and dinners. This plan is only $7.07 per day. That is a 23% savings.

2. Core

This plan is the most popular plan which includes 5 Wonderslim meals per day. This plan you get to include lunches to the menu instead of cooking your own. This plan is only $8.38 per day which gives you up to 25% savings.

3. Premium

As Wonderslim’s top-rated and best valued plan, you know you will get the most for your buck. This is the ultimate portion-controlled diet plan including 7 Wonderslim meals per day. The premium plan is full of hand-picked meals from meal replacement shakes and smoothies, meals for breakfast and lunch. Even snack bars, snacks and desserts. All of this at only $10.61 per day. With the best savings at 30% off.

One Day On Wonderslim

So, what exactly does one day look like on Wonderslim. Let’s use the most top rated premium plan. For breakfast, you will eat a meal replacement shake, a breakfast meal and 1 serving of dairy. Then for a morning snack have a meal replacement shake or smoothie with a serving of fruit, then for lunch have another meal replacer and a Wonderslim lite entrée meal or soup. Next is an afternoon snack of a Wonderslim bar or snack. For dinner, you make your own meal. Whatever you want as long as it is 1 protein serving and 2 vegetable servings. Lastly you can have a Wonderslim dessert. What a hunger-crushing day!

“For someone who has tried every possible diet throughout my lifetime, this is the easiest to follow.” -Mali. This diet meal plan is proven successful and full of tasty and hunger suppressing meals to help you hit your weight loss goals. If you aren’t satisfied or seeing results then Wonderslim has a 150% money back guarantee.