Must you be on Nutrisystem Forever?

I know this is a huge question, the quick and simple answer is no!  For me personally it was really reassuring that there was an end date, as I didn't want to be determined by Nutrisystem food for my entire life. A target ended up being made for my dieting when I first started of 100 pounds.  I wanted to be able to accomplish that in about a half of a year.  That is fast but I had seen sufficient episodes of the biggest weight loss to learn that it was a lot more than possible!

As soon as I reached my diet goal, I had established a routine for just how much I would eat every day, so I would be more comfortable with stepping right back from the complete Nutrisystem plan, and decided it was time to enter "maintenance" mode.  I must say I enjoy their snacks and shakes, so I included them into my diet, but most of my meals originate from the supermarket now that I have reached my final goal.