What is Nutrisystem Lean 13

Lean 13 is the latest reformulation of the popular successful nutrisystem diet family. You may ask "Why does Nutrisystem reformulate and name their diets so frequently?". Well the answer is a pretty smart one.

Nutrisystem has been one of the best performing diet companies over the last 40 years. When you take your objectives seriously you re-invest in your product and its efficiency. Therefore, as Nutrisystem revises their menu's with the latest knowledge in healthy eating changes that promote health and effective dieting. These changes are applied to their menu items. Of course menu changes are also made to ensure that the flavor of the foods is fantastic and enjoyable.

The end result of that is the overall effectiveness of the diet improves. Meaning both the diet becomes more effective at helping you loose weight and the food gets better tasting.

The Nutrisystem lean 13 diet plan was created after clinical studies of participants found that by following this diet plan they were able to loose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches of weight and body size.

So when you look at it this way it is no surprise that Nutrisystem's diet plans keep getting re-branded as they improve the effectiveness of their diet system. Also you come to understand that "Lean 13" is applied to all facets of their current dieting system.

Some of the former diet plans from Nutrisystem have been:

  • Turbo 10: Loose up to 10lbs in 1st Month

  • Fast 5: Loose up to 5lbs in your first week

Keep in mind that Nutrisystem values their reputation and always has independent clinical studies done with their diet meal plans so that they can have an unbiased assessment of the overall effectiveness of their diets.

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