So I have hit a weight loss plateau on Nutrisystem, what now?

Nutrisystem Plateau

While losing weight, it starts off quick. You shock your body by taking in less calories, and it replies with a fairly quick weight loss. After a while, your body gets "used to" the caloric intake. Meaning it start running on what you take in, and you may think that the only way to stop this plateau, is to either take in less calories, or exercise more. However, it is probably your metabolism is revving up. Sure enough, you could drop two pounds practically overnight, and be on a steady decline after that. So don't get discouraged and give up. Hang in there and you will eventually see your body reset itself and the weight will melt off.

Here's a few phrases of encouragement from other Nutrisystem users

"You can try switching your lunch and dinner. That is what I was told to do from a Nutrisystem counselor when I stopped losing. It boosted my metabolism and I'm back to losing weight again! I lost two pounds this past week!!!"

"It takes 6-8 weeks for your body to adjust. Just hang in there and your body will figure it out. This is my 2nd go round on this. My first time I only lost 1.5 lbs till my 6th week, then I started losing steadily. I lost 60lbs."