Why Nutrisystem is Amazing for Weight Loss

1. Nutrisystem Was Inspired By Love

Did you know that Nutrisystem was born out of a son’s love?

The founder of Nutrisystem; Harold Katz, had watched his mother suffering the torturous process of yo-yo dieting for years, his love inspired him to find a better way to lose weight. He researched the best ways to integrate behavioral counseling, medical supervision, and low-calorie meals into a highly-effective, long-term weight loss solution. Since then Nutrisystem has helped not only Katz’s mother, but millions of other people to reach and maintain their best weight.

2. Weight loss Counseling and Support

It’s been scientifically verified; when you have the support of caring and knowledgeable people – you have the best chance of success! Researchers examining the effect of behavioral counseling on achieving healthy weight loss reviewed dozens of studies. They discovered that people who received counseling lost much more weight than those who didn’t. Experts agree that social support is a major factor in both weight loss and making the lifestyle changes that keep it off. Nutrisystem’s certified counselors and dietitians will powerfully motivate you to “stick to the plan.” Just pick up the phone and they’ll help you make healthier choices, break past weight loss plateaus and cheer your daily victories – keeping you focused on your weight loss journey.


“I couldn’t have made it past the first week without calling Nutrisystem counseling support to get my questions answered and to speak with someone who genuinely cares about my weight loss efforts!”

Lisa T.

3. It’s Not Restrictive

Scientists have confirmed what you always knew; “restrained eating;” depriving yourself of your favorite foods, can cause binge-eating – ruining your weight loss efforts. Instead, try a plan that makes it enjoyable to lose weight - Nutrisystem! No more worries about forbidden foods (making you want them even more). The Nutrisystem plan includes all your favorite foods, like:

  • Pizza

  • Pasta

  • Cinnamon rolls

  • Chocolate Sundaes

Nutrisystem isn’t just nutritionally balanced; it’s a way to gradually change your eating habits for a lifetime of health at your best weight. You’ll learn how to assemble a delicious variety of foods into a healthy weight loss program that will never make you feel deprived.

“As you get closer to your goal weight, Nutrisystem has programs that make it easy to transition off Nutrisystem and toward taking control of your meal choices. I’ve lost almost 75 pounds in one year following the program. How I think about food and my meal choices is healthier now than before I started Nutrisystem. I’m confident that I’ll keep losing until reaching my goal weight - and then keep it off, on the Nutrisystem plan!”

-Casey L.

4. Can I Eat Out while on Nutrisystem?

Of course you can! Vacations, work-related travel and just living your normal life mean you need a weight loss solution that works wherever you are. The Nutrisystem plan is designed to keep you losing weight even when it’s not possible to run home to make something or grab a pre-packaged Nutrisystem meal.

So Nutrisystem gives you an incredible ‘eating out guide’ that covers everything:

  • Healthy vending machine choices

  • Satisfying fast food items

  • Calorie smart restaurant meals

Find out which delicious food options you can choose at any eatery, as well as advice for almost every food situation you could face so you can stay on the path to life-transforming weight loss!

Nutrisystem Before and After Photo 2

“As a traveling pharmaceutical rep; the Nutrisystem guide became my ‘diet bible.’ No matter where I was – eating out with clients, at a rest stop or even at my neighborhood breakfast stop, I always knew what tasty options I could enjoy without breaking the calorie bank.”

Stacie L.

5. Learn How to Keep the Weight Off With and Without Nutrisystem

The biggest fear you may have is: “Will I need to buy prepackaged Nutrisystem food forever?” The Nutrisystem program is designed to give you a push in the right direction – until you reach your target weight; by then you’ve learned enough to maintain your healthy weight on your own.

“Nothing else worked until I started Nutrisystem! It took just 6 months to transform my appearance and unlearn all the bad eating habits I’d developed over the years. I used the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide to plan my own healthy lunches and dinners one day a week. With practice, I developed the diet savvy that I needed to stay healthy and slim on my own after I reached my ideal weight.”

Bobbi C.

6. In a Hurry? Try Nutrisystem Lean 13!

Early weight loss is a strong predictor of long-term diet success, and Nutrisystem has the perfect diet plan to jump start your weight loss with a self-esteem boosting weight loss of up to 13lbs in the first week!

Drop dress sizes fast, with just 7 days of:

  • 3 delicious and filling specially designed meals per day

  • A tall TurboShake full of hunger-stopping protein

  • Nutrisystem’s tasty NutriCrush bars with all the nutrients and fiber that you need to feel satisfied - longer

Enjoy how your friends and family will rave at the change in your appearance after just one week on Lean 13! Once your Turbo Takeoff week is over, you’ll start a standard Nutrisystem meal plan for 3 more weeks to experience an unbelievable transformation in your health and appearance.

7. It Sounds Fantastic - But I can’t afford it!

Nutrisystem is a company that cares. There are different plans in a wide range of prices to guarantee that almost anyone who wants to lose weight with the Nutrisystem plan – can! If you’re really tight for money - try the Nutrisystem Basic Plan, which includes the most delicious foods that Nutrisystem offers.

Or, you can try creating your own weight loss menu by choosing from more than 100 tasty foods on the Core Plan, which also provides invaluable, unlimited support from Nutrisystem counselors, dietitians, Nutrisystem trackers and other helpful tools. Do you thrive on variety? Then, why not try Nutrisystem’s best plan: Uniquely Yours. It offers over 150 meals and snacks, including unlimited frozen foods and everything else in the Core Plan.

Nutrisystem even has special versions of every plan for vegetarians and people with either pre-diabetes or diabetes, including access to certified diabetes educators in addition to the regular counselors and dietitians. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll finally be on your way to lasting, healthy weight loss with a diet that includes so many of the foods you love – you won’t believe you’re dieting!