Beauty Habits You'll Want To Pick Up In 2019

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Written By: Lauryn Paiva

Now that we’re all fresh off of Dry January and are settling into a post-New Year’s resolution schedule of happy hour and avoiding the gym, let’s talk about some trends we’ll actually want to practice all year long. Whether you’re looking to lock down a signature makeup look or double down on your skincare routine, we guarantee there’s a shiny new trend on the horizon for you in 2019. (Editor’s note: we recommend getting comfy with your favorite sheet mask before settling in to read about a few of our favorites.)

Jade Rolling

We’ve discussed this. If you’re into a fresh and dewy face (and why wouldn’t you be?), we recommend getting on board with the jade rolling fad ASAP. Pro tip: try working in a little meditation time while you’re using the roller — you’ll walk away feeling refreshed in more ways than one.

Double Cleansing

Do you know how much makeup a wipe doesn’t remove? Not to horrify you or anything, but it’s a lot. Enter double cleansing. Here’s how it works: rinse your face with an oil cleanser or micellar water that will break down the surface level grime, then follow up with your regular water-based cleanse. I will never forgive myself for not starting this particular routine sooner. Double cleansing is my new religion.

Conditioning Your Lashes and Brows

If you thought you only had to condition the hair on your head, that’s absolutely false — you’ve got to treat your lashes and brows, too. Just like your hair (or any other part of your body that requires moisture), your lashes and brows need a little breather from all of the false lashes and mascara applications we put them through.

Walk Away from Your Dry Shampoo

We know, we know. This feels wrong in a lot of ways (especially when you’re busy and tired and dry shampoo affords the luxury of a little extra shut eye). But dry shampoo is actually not great for your scalp. It can clog up your hair follicles and strip away natural oils that are key to scalp health. Yikes. If you’re a diehard enthusiast, try weaning back on your dry shampoo usage to just a couple of times a week before working it out of your routine altogether.

Go Completely Bare

Take a break from wearing makeup entirely! It’s good for your skin and it’ll push you outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just to run a couple of errands sans foundation.

Try Rosehip Oil

The benefits of working rosehip oil into your skincare routine are nearly limitless — this seed extract works to treat wrinkles, moisturize, brighten, and more.

Find New Uses for CBD

The virtues of incorporating CBD oil into, well, everything, is well-documented. While it won’t get you high, CBD does provide plenty of healing properties to your skin. Try working in some products that feature CBD and look forward to softer, clearer skin.

Pare It Down

Sometimes less really is more. Speaking from personal experience, any time I’ve gone a little overboard when it comes to adding yet another product into my go-to skincare lineup, disaster (see also: a breakout) usually ensues. Instead of working yet another serum into your rotation or toggling between face masks every couple of days, keep it simple with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to see if you notice a difference.

Ditch The Makeup Wipes

If using makeup wipes is part of your nightly routine, hate to break it to you but it’s a habit you should ditch, ASAP (trust me your skin will thank you). Makeup wipes really don’t clean the makeup off your face, they just smear it around. We recommend switching to oil cleansers. They actually penetrate, break up, and dissolve the makeup, which is then rinsed away with water. No greasy residue is left behind and you won’t need to wash your face with another cleanser after.