What to Buy Your SO (or Anyone You Love) This Valentine’s Day


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Written By: Lauryn Paiva

Even though it seems like we just recovered from the season of gifting, it’s time to start thinking about how to treat your favorite person, people, or (let’s be real here) yourself, this Valentine’s Day. If you’re not super into figuring out what to buy for this hyped-up holiday, so we took the guesswork out of it for you.

Whether you’re shopping for your sweetheart, your girlfriends, or you’re going all in on something that errs more on the side of self-care, our Valentine’s Day gift guide has you — and every relationship in your life — covered.


Trust us when we say anyone in your life will appreciate the gift of free wine. Winc takes the stress out of finding the perfect bottle of vino to pair with a homemade (or ordered in — we don’t judge) meal. They’ll deliver their recommendations, curated from your unique palate profile, right to your door each month. Bonus? Unlike that “not sure where you’re heading” situationship you’re currently in, Winc doesn’t ask for commitment — you can skip a month whenever you need to, or cancel whenever you’d like.

Tasting Room

Okay, so let’s talk more about wine. Tasting Room will channel the thrill of the hotel mini bar and send you six small bottles of wine that you’ll get to rate and review, then they’ll take it from there. You’ll receive a personalized wine profile and shipments that are tailored to your taste profile.

Okay, enough talking: get to selecting (and sipping).


If underwear seems like an obvious choice for the man in your life this Valentine’s Day...you’d be correct! Men love their super soft selections (plus socks, t-shirts, and more) even more than they love not shopping, which is ideal since MeUndies ships new skivvies to your man’s door each month. If you want to spice up this particular gift, we suggest grabbing a matching set of undies for yourself while you’re at it. Voila! Insta-romance.


V-Day seems like as good a time as any to upgrade any and all things pertaining to the bedroom. Can we recommend the most comfortable mattress (and by extension, the best night’s sleep) you may ever experience? Duh, of course we can. Nectar nails that oh-so-elusive balance of firm-yet-gentle you’ve been looking for in a mattress (or a partner, if we’re being honest). You can give your Nectar mattress a trial run for a full year, so you can really take your time to see if it’s the right fit. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

Easy Canvas

Why limit your favorite memories to just your Instagram grid? Bring your picture-perfect moments to life with quality canvas prints. Yes, this is the perfect way to showcase those recent engagement or wedding photos (just sayin’).


Your dog is an endless source of unconditional love, lest you think this holiday is strictly a humans only situation. Your pooch will be all over you (and maybe the mailman) when their themed box arrives each month. They’ll get a themed collection including two toys, all-natural dog treats, and a chew to hold their attention once they’ve destroyed their toys. We foresee a full body wiggle in your future.


If you have a Galentine’s Day celebration on the books this year, we’re thinking a SunBasket subscription is the perfect excuse for a girls’ night in. Since SunBasket sources only organic and clean ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious meal and satisfy the vegans and gluten-free and Paleo diehards in your friend group.

($36 off your first order and $10 off the second)


Speaking of whipping up a delicious (minus the grocery shopping), Plated will give you 25% off your first four weeks of delivery. (Editor’s note: Plated is very good, do not sleep on this deal.)


Get ready to make the day of any bibliophile in your life. Your book club bestie can enjoy a free audiobook to start the month off on a literary note. With over 125,00 titles, there’s something for everyone. Now, about getting that next book club meeting on the calendar…


If you’re looking to do something just for you, tweaking your makeup routine is an easy way to try something new without going overboard. Vegamour’s volumizing products are 100% vegan and will have everyone wondering what’s different about you.


Nothing says true love like refreshing your wardrobe (or your kids’). Shop some of the biggest brands for your whole family.