How I Lost Weight and Got Healthy With Nutrisystem

Photo Credit: Kelsey V.

Photo Credit: Kelsey V.

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In order to understand my journey with Nutrisystem, you first need to understand how I got to the point where I really needed Nutrisystem in my life.  I have been overweight my entire life.  

I've always been the fat friend and have always dreamed that one day I would lose all of the extra weight and be one of the skinny girls. Unfortunately, the years flew by as I went through yo-yo diet after yo-yo diet.  Before I knew it, I was starting my first post-college big-girl job. I was hired as an auditor for a manufacturing company and I'm pretty sure this was anyone's, but especially my own, dream job.  I was paid to travel all over the world for two weeks at a time to do audit work with people my age and on the weekends we got to explore exciting new places.

Every single meal was on the company's dime so when I had the option to choose between a steak with a loaded baked potato or a salad, I was choosing the steak! And of course we always ordered appetizers, dessert, and wine with every meal because why not?!  We would work all day long and then go out for dinner and drinks then head back to our hotel rooms to sleep. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. My weight ballooned.  I was already a very overweight girl, but in the course of 3.5 years of this new job, I quickly gained about 60 pounds.  I'd developed very bad habits to the point where I avoided going up any stairs, I never worked out, I was grabbing drive-thru ordering my usual two burritos and a bagel sandwich with a large sweet tea when I decided I needed to do something about the habits I have created for myself. Checkout my videos on my youtube channel.

I had tried Nutrisystem for a month while in college, but I was a broke college kid and couldn't afford it for any longer than that.  Now that I had my big-girl job, I decided to give Nutrisystem a try again since I knew I did have success with it in the past.

That same day I ordered the Nutrisystem program and set a start date for myself.  My order came and I spent an entire day organizing the food, reading the instructions, buying the food I would need to supplement with the Nutrisystem entrees, etc. so that I would be prepared when it was time for my Monday start date because of course diets always start on Mondays.  Nutrisystem makes everything so easy and convenient for me.  I've always been too lazy to meal prep and I also don't really enjoy eating food that I made days beforehand.  I also am a pizza fanatic and love sweets and carbs so there's no way I could succeed with a restrictive diet.  This is one of the many wonderful things about Nutrisystem as it allows me to still have pizza, pasta, chocolate, cinnamon rolls, waffles, everything I love to eat normally.  The foods are delicious and they are even color-coded for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert/snack so they are easy to grab and go!  You also supplement the entrees with mid-morning and afternoon snacks as well as 4 servings of vegetables per day so that you are getting fresh add-ins keeping your body fueled throughout the day.  To help with achieving great success, they have even developed an app to track your food called NuMi, which I believe tracking is one of the biggest keys to success in weight loss.

Another great motivator that Nutrisystem does is for every 10 pounds you lose, you get a NutriBear which is a stuffed bear that's monogrammed with the number you've lost (10, 20, 30, etc.) to help keep you on track.  I've got quite the collection of NutriBears and am looking forward to getting more!

One of the many things I love about Nutrisystem is that it isn't some diet that you start and then once you're at your goal you don’t know how to eat. Nutrisystem requires from the start that two flex days are on your own which helps ease you into learning how to make healthy decisions for your meals on your own.  They have guides to help you make the right choices for these meals.

They even have counseling support if you ever have any questions or even just to chat with by phone or by chat!  As you begin to get closer to and reach your goal weight, they have programs you can switch to start transitioning off Nutrisystem and doing more and more meals on your own.  I started Nutrisystem on 2.8.16 and have lost around 75 pounds in one year following the program*.  I'm still not at my goal weight, but I am a lot farther than I every imagined I would be with the help of Nutrisystem! The way I think about food and the choices I make for my meals are completely different now than they were before I began the program.  I am confident that I'll be able to keep losing until my goal weight, all thanks to Nutrisystem!

-Kelsey V.

Real success story, compensated for this article.

*In a study, avg. weight loss was 11.6 lbs in first month. Thereafter, expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

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