6 Inspiring Fitness Accounts to Follow on Instagram


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Written By: Taylor Rao

Far too often we talk about the negative parts of social media --the addiction, the FOMO, and the fear of oversharing, not sharing enough or sharing something that won’t get a lot of likes. But, the truth is there is a lot of good on social media; it’s a place where you can follow along and connect with like-minded individuals who share similar passions with yours.

This is especially true when it comes to the world of health and wellness, as social media can act as a catalyst to inspire people to make a change after seeing positive transformation stories online. There’s a ripple effect and an outpouring of support for those who are up to the challenge of living a healthier, more active life.

And once you’ve hopped on the #FitFam wagon, you should fill your feed with people out there who are grinding as hard as you, from your local workout buddies all the way up to the big fitness stars who have made a name for themselves through sharing their fitness journey on social media.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best fitness accounts out there that are certainly worth hitting the “follow” button for.

Rachel Brathen | @yoga_girl

Every yogi needs a strong-willed team leader, and Rachel Brathen has paved that path with over 2.1 million Instagram followers who tag along for her signature hashtag, #yogaeverydamnday.

While not every post is about a yoga pose, Rachel’s feed is filled with inspiring messages and personal stories for those who have gotten to know her throughout the years. She doesn’t hide the fact that life isn’t perfect --but she takes her ups and downs in stride and shares valuable lessons with her fellow IG yogis.

Plus, if you want to get to know Rachel on an even more personal level, check out her podcast, From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl.

Kayla Itsines | @kayla_itsines

This list wouldn’t be a list without Kayla Itsines, undoubtedly one of the most popular fitness gurus on the World Wide Web. The Australian personal trainer turned business mogul is quickly approaching 10 million Instagram followers and offers her fans more than just an inspirational Instagram feed.

Itsines is the co-creator of a fitness program called Bikini Body Guides (BBG), a series of 28-minute workouts that you can do literally anywhere. These days, her Instagram feed showcases so many of the amazing transformations her BBG girls provide via before-and-after photos, and the comments are as uplifting as the content.

Alex Silver-Fagan | @alexsilverfagan

Alex Silver-Fagan is the true definition of a fitness guru --not only is she a NIKE trainer, but she’s well-versed in every big fitness trend from rowing to powerlifting to CrossFit and yoga (oh yeah, she’s a certified yoga instructor, too).

Her feed mixes playful modeling shots with videos of her workouts that are probably not safe to try at home unless you’re well on your way to her level of physically fit. Either way, she recaps her workouts for you in the caption and lets you know how she’s feeling no matter the mood.

Serena Williams | @serenawilliams

Does it get better than Serena Williams? Don’t think so. She is the queen of working hard and has earned her success a million times over. Since becoming a mom, her feed has only gotten more inspirational as her journey back onto the court post-baby has been widely publicized and openly discussed by her whenever she’s asked.

Williams is one of the most celebrated athletes in history, yet you’ll never find a photo or video of her not smiling, laughing and enjoying the ride. She’s exactly what we need on our feed when we’re looking for pure girl power.

Akin Akman | @akiniko

Not only is Akin Akman handsome as hell, but he’s a fitness professional who started out as a tennis prodigy training amongst the best of the best. Once his professional career took a turn, his claim to IG fame came during his time as a master instructor with the popular workout SoulCycle. Now, he’s a model, NIKE trainer and owner of Akin’s Army, his own fitness regime.

This feed will give you the heart eye emoji feeling on a daily basis and make you feel super motivated to go out there and chase your dreams even when things don’t go according to plan.

Under Armour Women | @underarmourwomen

Let’s be real, half the fun of working out and living an active lifestyle is buying yourself new gym clothes as a reward, right? The goal is to look and feel better every day, both mentally and physically. And one way to do that is to keep up on the fashion trends in fitness and set some goals for how you want to look in that crop top or new pair of compression shorts.

Under Armour Women showcases not only the newest styles in sportswear, but also embodies all the different ways women today can be powerful and fit. From a ballet dancer in a sports bra to a powerlifter in a pair of training shoes, you’ll see a photo on this feed that’s going to want to make you hit the ground running (first to the gym, then to the mall).