6 Tips For Ordering a Healthy Brunch

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Written By: Taylor Rao

Brunch has very easily become the most important meal of the weekend. Whether you live in a city or the suburbs, Sunday Funday isn’t complete without a social gathering with bottomless mimosas and a menu so amazing you can hardly choose between sweet or savory.

If it’s become a ritual to brunch with friends on a regular basis and you’re starting to feel the pressure of how to balance this activity with your healthy lifestyle, be proactive and make sure you don’t have to compromise in order to achieve your goals.

1. Make A Restaurant Suggestion

Don’t be afraid to speak up in your group chat and be the first to offer up the location for your next get-together. If you prepare a few options, your friends might be willing to let you lead the charge so long as you give an enticing pitch.

Instead of making it obvious that you’re pointing out a healthier option, think of other positive reasons why the group would want to go. Talk about the cool atmosphere, the awesome things you’ve heard about the place and oh, lightly mention that there are some awesome menu options that will keep everyone on track for bikini season.

2. Read Up On The Menu In Advance

Since you might not always be able to pick the brunch spot, do yourself a favor by taking a look at the menu before you get there. That way, you can sike yourself up for what your options will be without the the influence of the sweet smells and stacks of pancakes coming out of the kitchen.

3. Ask Your Server About Seasonal Or Local Dishes

Farm-to-table is a new buzzword in the restaurant industry, and even chain establishments are making an effort to switch up their menu each season or offer dishes using locally-grown products.

So, engage your server and ask some questions about what fruits or vegetables are in season or if there any particularly healthy items on the menu using organic or local produce. And don’t worry about being the needy one at the table --you’ll thank yourself for asking the right questions instead of making it easy and saying, “I’ll have fries with that.”

4. Choose Your Options Wisely

Even if you order a healthy main course, remain consistent with your meal and listen to all of the featured side dishes and options to make sure you select the most healthy pairing. This doesn’t mean you have to order your breakfast burger without the bun, just choose a whole grain bread option or swap home fries for a cup of fresh fruit.

5. Go Easy On The Drinks

Chances are you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t drink your calories,” which in brunch speak means stay clear from sugary juices like OJ and cranberry. Replace a mimosa with a glass of prosecco or just skip the alcohol altogether by making coffee and water work for you. You’re at brunch, not a cocktail party, and it’s easy to cut out drinking when you know the benefits will last long after you pay the bill. (Helloooo no mid-day hangover!)

6. Focus On The Bigger Picture

Sometimes it might seem easier to bail on your plans than to overcome the peer pressure of putting healthy living aside just for one meal. But, a last-minute decision to cheat can lead to an entire day of poor decisions, making you feel tired and sluggish afterwards. If you’re at a decent restaurant, the healthier option will still feel like a tasty treat --just keep your eyes on your own plate and commend yourself for sticking to your fitness goals no matter what your friends order.