Six Fun Workouts To Try

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Written By: Taylor Rao

Not everyone was born to love working out, or even like it. But, we all know how important it is to be active on a day-to-day basis, even if lifting weights or running a half marathon will never be your form of fun.

One thing you don’t need to sweat when it’s time to find a workout plan fit for you is whether or not you’re going to like it. Because today, there are more options than ever to choose a fitness routine that is so fun it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out. Seriously!

It’s time to think outside the box and do your homework on what other types of workouts are out there, especially if you’re not the type to create your own template and stay motivated during a solo sesh at a “regular” gym. Love to dance? There are fitness classes that will keep you movin’ and groovin’ the entire time. What if action and adventure is more your speed? You can go rock climbing or simulate a surfer riding the waves.

We’ve rounded up a list of fun fitness classes to try that’ll make you give this whole working out thing a second chance. Warning: you might get addicted.

1. Pound. Rockout. Workout.

Don’t worry about bringing a pair of headphones to play your favorite music during this workout, because you’ll be the one creating the beats as you jam out with a pair of lightly-weighted drumsticks in your hand during this high-interval class. The 45-minute POUND workout is all about moving to the beat and keeping your energy going throughout the entire class, blending Pilates and yoga movements with cardio and strength training.

Designed for all fitness levels, you’ll walk out of a POUND class feeling energized; not only will you be working on toning up and burning fat, but it’s a sure way to improve your rhythm and coordination while you’re at it.

2. Anti-gravity Yoga

Otherwise known as aerial yoga, anti-gravity yoga uses a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling to deepen your movements on the ground, and to enhance the yoga experience while you’re practicing your techniques suspended in the air.

Not only is it a great photo-op, but a great workout, too. Aerial yoga can help relax and realign the body by relieving pressure on the spine. And as tricky as it might look, this workout is beginner-friendly and can be a great introduction to yoga for someone who has never tried it before.

3. BollyX

If a Zumba class is a thing of the past for you now, you might enjoy taking it up a notch and switching genres. Bollywood-inspired dance workouts, modeled after the music and inspiration from the Bollywood film industry in India, are increasing in popularity as a way for people to get up and simply dance their way to a more active lifestyle.

This 50-minute cardio workout can help you burn anywhere from 500 to 800 calories per session and is more than likely going to make your cheeks a little sore --mostly because you’ll be grinning from ear to ear during this fun, upbeat and high-energy BollyX dance class.

4. Surfset Fitness

Have you ever seen a surfer’s body? If you have --enough said. Catching the waves can get you in pretty good shape, and now with Surfset Fitness, you don’t have to live on the California coast to get the surfer bod you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you invest in a Surfset board and challenge yourself at home or find a gym that offers these unique classes, you’ll learn to test your body in new ways by engaging your core and working on balancing on that board.

Surfset’s four signature programs are: Balance, Burn, Build, and Blend. And according to the website, Balance is yoga-inspired; Burn is high-intensity, high-tempo; Build is focused on strength & definition; Blend is an interval-based core session that combines all three.

5. Paddle Board Yoga

Stand up paddle board yoga, AKA SUP yoga is the perfect workout for the warmer months when all you want to do is be outside and enjoy the weather. For yogis, it’s a nice reprieve from the standard hot yoga class, as SUP yoga takes you into the great outdoors to test your skills, while on a paddle board floating in your local lake or body of water.

Yoga is meant to bring a calming presence, and there’s no better feeling than being able to admire nature while perfecting your practice. Plus, this type of class is designed to be fun and social --not everyone is going to be 100 percent focused and balanced the entire time, so there’s sure to be some lighthearted laughs while challenging yourself to one heck of a core workout.

6. Cardio Jump Rope

Channel your elementary school self with a series of cardio jump rope workouts that will take you straight back to the playground. Jumping rope is a simple way to get your heart racing, and there’s plenty of at-home jump rope workout templates online that you can easily dedicate a few minutes here and there to breaking a sweat.

Once you get back in your rhythm, you can mix it up and challenge yourself with more difficult moves and it won’t feel so much like working out after all. When you jump rope, you can burn fat, increase your stamina and agility, and most importantly make you feel like you’ve still got it going on.