Let's Talk About Sextech: Women's Health Brands Making a Buzz (Literally)

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Written By: Taylor Rao

The list of taboo subjects to talk about openly with your gal pals or whoever, really, is getting shorter and shorter these days. You’re cool if you’re cool with talking about sexual health and self-pleasure because hey, it’s part of life, part of being a woman, and it’s fun to make yourself feel good, isn’t it? Nothing to be embarrassed about here.

Luckily today, this type of conversation is embraced thanks to women out there who are creating brands and building platforms that truly embody the women-for-women mentality. We can all learn a little something from each other if we have conversations about how to own our womanhood and talk about more risque subjects with confidence.

So, let’s talk about sex...tech. Sextech, short for sex technology, is an umbrella term for the industry which supplies products for self-pleasure, or anything designed to enhance and innovate the human sexual experience. From your standard vibrator to so much more, sextech aims to normalize the discussion of sex and use technology to heighten the level of pleasure, intimacy and fun in all of your sexual adventures, whether you’re flying solo or tossing around with a partner.

Check out these women’s health brands that are making a buzz (literally) in the world of sex technology.

Dame Products

Dame’s motto is that they want to close the pleasure gap, making it more acceptable for women to pleasure themselves in the most intense, rewarding way possible without the stigma. Dame Products' wide range of toys, from vibrators meant for you-time only, to devices that’ll spice up bedtime with your partner, look as good, with aesthetically pleasing colors and designs, as they’re bound to feel once you try them out.

And perhaps even cooler than the products is the Dame Lab, a place where people can join in online discussion to help brainstorm ideas for new products, test things out and provide feedback, and have an overall safe space to openly discuss the topics surrounding sexuality and pleasure.


Even when it’s iced coffee season, nobody wants to be messing around with an icy cold vibrator. Warmth increases the intensity of your sexual pleasure, and the vegan leather clutch from WARM is a discreet way for you to transport your sex toys and warm them up when it’s time for things to heat up in the bedroom.

While many product reviewers have noted skepticism at first, the overwhelming response is that this WARM product is revolutionizing the sex toy experience by putting warmth at the forefront and making toys seem less imposing and with longer lasting, enhanced pleasure.


Nécessaire is redefining the meaning behind personal care by creating products using only clean ingredients that make you feel good in oh so many ways. This water-based sex gel is fragrance-free and made with organic Aloe Vera for smooth, lubricating self-pleasure. Plus, the packaging is 100% recyclable, so you’re basically helping save the planet while giving yourself some ah-mazing orgasms with the help of Nécessaire.


Lorals is focused on the type of orgasm we all know and love --the one that comes from oral sex, which in case you didn’t know, is 3x more likely to result in an orgasm. This lingerie brand has designed the perfectly sexy, comfortable, single-use underwear --from shorties to bikini bottoms --that’ll help you get the O you desire from oral sex without feeling too exposed or self-conscious if it’s been a little bit since you’ve last showered or shaved down there.

Lorals are designed to be silky and thin enough to experience all sorts of intense pleasure with a little barrier (and soft vanilla scent) that’ll help you get the party started.


You might’ve heard of this brand’s counterpart before, Hims, but now it’s time For Hers, literally. Hers provides easily-accessible products that create solutions for common women’s issues in the world of hair, skin, and sex.

Of course, one of the most surefire ways to enjoy the sexual experience with a partner is to make sure you’re protected --and for just $30/month, For Hers will deliver birth control straight to your door. They also offer flibanserin tablets that’ll help you increase your desire for sex with just one pill a day. A low sex drive isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but it’s also something you can definitely help fix so that you’re staying energized and excited to give yourself pleasure, or experience intimacy with someone else.