Ways To Make Your Home More Zen

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Written By: Brianna Snyder

There’s a trend in therapy lately where instead of your therapist asking you about your childhood, they’ll ask you first about your environment.

That childhood stuff is important, but how you live has a tremendous effect on your wellness. If you’ve got a lot of clutter, or dishes in the sink, or your space is low on light, all of that can erode your good health.

So take care of yourself: Audit your home for healthy mainstays like the ones below.


It’s a drawer. It’s a closet. It’s that little under-shelf below your coffee table. You have clutter in the house and it’s time to just banish it. If you do one thing for yourself today, do this.


Access to natural light is a luxury and a privilege. As much as I love my South-facing windows, I’d much prefer wall-to-wall windows, big picture windows that let in all of the light in the world. But we make do with what we have. If you don’t have much natural light to work with, these lamps mimic its effect. Night lighting is equally important: Don’t let that overhead light do everything for you. Invest in side lamps and standing lights, too.


A clean home will hopefully be an odor-free home. But with kids and pets and just bodies in general, you’re probably going to be manufacturing your own special scent. Candles and tart warmers are great mitigators for that. And pretty scents like lavender and vanilla calm you and make your place feel fresh.


Home decor is slow to evolve. A lot of us do it the way our parents did it. TV. Couch. Coffee table. Accent chair. But your home has many areas worth spending time in—make several cozy nooks and corners for reading, meditating, talking, drinking tea, or anything else that brings you joy or calm. Make your home a shrine to your well-being.