Here’s How Many Calories are in Your Favorite Cocktails

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Written By: Brianna Snyder

Alcohol is definitely the best example of what we call “empty calories.” It’s just a bunch of sugar you’re dumping into your body because it feels amazing. 

If you’re a person who counts calories, it’s tough to know what your drink is hiding from you in terms of sugar and malt. And even if you’re not counting calories, low-sugar drinks make for better hangovers, so they’re worth your time and money. Like margaritas, for example, are delicious, but nobody and I mean nobody wants to deal with a sour-mix hangover ever again. (Can I get a witness?)

Here’s how many calories there are in each of your favorite drinks. 


You can tell beer has a billion calories because, depending on what you’re drinking, drinking beer feels a little like you just swallowed a loaf of hearty Italian white. A standard pilsner runs you about 150 calories for 12 ounces. But one of those stanky IPAs everyone loves these days? They can go up to as many as 350 calories for one 12-ounce beer. Woof. 



One 5-ounce serving of wine is about 123 calories.
Not too bad. 



Gin and vodka are light on calories. Gin is about 73 calories for a 1-ounce shot. Vodka is even fewer cals--64. So the spirits here are in your favor, but that sugary tonic is going to give you the bloat and the headache in the morning. One can of tonic water is about 125 calories, plus your shot of vodka or gin, you’re looking at about 200 calories per drink. 



Because manhattans are basically just straight booze--with a splash of vermouth and a dash of bitters--they’re pretty low on calories, too. About 123 per drink. 



Another whiskey-heavy drink, this one’s a little more sugary, about 155 calories per drink. 



Ah, my beloved marg. So, frozen margaritas can run you as high as 500 calories per drink. I know. Crazy, right? But there’s a way to still celebrate Cinco de Mayo without burning all your Weight Watchers points. A classic margarita, on the rocks, with lime and triple sec, is just 153 calories. You’ll feel much better in the morning, too. 



Like Manhattans, martinis are basically straight booze—this time gin or vodka—plus vermouth, ringing you in around 123 calories.