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What Are The Health Benefits Of Acupuncture?

So if you’re interested in trying out acupuncture, or you love acupuncture and want to know more, this interview is for you. I turned to Jen Becker, a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and a Nationally Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology through the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the highest level of certification available, to answer questions that explain acupuncture in depth.

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Beginners Guide: What Are The Different Types Of Yoga?

Yoga can be a different world especially for people who have gone to gyms before and only taken high-intensity classes. Once you get it though, you really get it. Like anything, all yoga studios have different approaches, styles of classes and vibes. When it comes to the types of yoga, here are the more popular types you’re likely to encounter on a class list.

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How To Restore Your Gut Health

After I started to eat much healthier, I could still tell my gut health wasn’t optimal. Once I could feel that the health of my gut was directly related to my energy, moods, cravings, weight, skin and overall health, I took a serious interest in getting it on track. And so “mission to micromanage my microbiome”, began.

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What To Expect When You Get Cupping Therapy

”That’s gonna leave a mark”, the perfect universal tagline for every cupping business out there. When you see those red marks on someone’s back you can’t help but wonder, what is the point? Why would someone be willing to do that to themselves? It has to be painful, right? If you’re into wellness, cupping may spark your curiosity. Should I start doing it? And if so, why?!

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Here’s What They Never Tell You About Coffee

It’s a little like saying water is wet, or my cat Stephen is cute, or Beyonce is a beautiful magical genius. These things are so obvious they don’t need to be said. But you know what? I’m going to say it anyway:


And lucky for us, something of a coffee renaissance is upon us. We have access to a wider-than-ever variety of beans and coffee devotees who are trying new and exciting things with roasting and otherwise preparing coffee. So it’s not like you need a reason to go out and start chugging coffee, but these little-known facts about the magic bean should close the deal.  

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5 Products to Try if You Want to Add Activated Charcoal to Your Daily Routine

Charcoal is a natural treatment that can benefit the body in ways from whitening your teeth to reducing cholesterol and even reversing the effects of some types of poisoning. So, we break down a few tricks worth trying to boost your overall beauty and wellness routine.

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How to Have Better Relationships (In Love, At Work, With Family)

It’s more critical than ever to reevaluate how you treat others and challenge yourself to do better. Nothing bad and so much good can come from strengthening and improving your relationships. Feelin’ the love? Heed this advice from qualified relationship experts.

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6 Random Questions About Lyme Disease, Answered

In recent years news headlines shout that tick season will be “worse than ever,” so we asked a medical professional, Dr. Mollie Jewett, to answer our most burning, random questions about Lyme disease and ticks for our benefit and yours.

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