Stair HIIT Workout

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Type: Lower Body, Legs & Glutes  |  Repetitions: 4  |  Rest Period: 60 seconds between sets

Kids are back to school and I bet your “mom time” to focus on you has already taken a back seat to after-school programs, homework and all those other mom-duties that come along with a busy school year.

I bet you’re already thinking by the time you get done with your work day, pick the kids up from school, there’s usually sports practice or some kind of activity, then you have to juggle homework, making dinner, packing lunches, the list goes on. So, when are you supposed to find that magical hour to get your butt to the gym and keep up all that progress you worked so hard for all summer? What if you could stay on track, no gym membership, you don’t even have to leave your house and all you need is 20 minutes. There’s no trick or magic pill you need to take to get in shape, stay active and feel great. The key is knowing how to utilize your resources and the time you already do have so you’re not constantly looking to squeeze more out of your day. We all have an extra 20 minutes in our day; maybe you sacrifice watching one extra episode of your favorite show before bed, or even though you hate getting up early, what’s an extra 20 minutes that will get you up and feeling great for the rest of the day?

This week I took my workout outside to my deck. I didn’t have to leave my house and there was no equipment needed, just some stairs. The workout continues with the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style that I brought to you guys a couple weeks ago with the treadmill workout and how to make it less boring. This week I focused on lower body, specifically the glute muscles because lets be honest ladies, we all want a great butt. So, here’s a few moves to do on any stairs you have in your home. Set aside 20 mins and get to work!

1. Step Jumps

For this move I like to stay on one step and focus on one leg at a time which allows you to keep tension in the muscle throughout the whole time of that exercise (we’re setting these up in 30 second intervals)

2. Side Step-Ups

Stand on the stairs facing sideways, with one foot firmly planted on the step. Perform a side step-up without fully stepping up and planting the other foot. You should be driving through your planted heel through the step-up. (If you would like to see a Demo of this move be sure to check out my Instagram where I’ll post a video of this whole circuit)

3. Steps With A Kickback

Step up onto step and kick your opposite leg back into a glute raise, making sure to squeeze the glute muscle, for an added challenge to this move try skipping a step

4. Stair Sprints

Up and down as fast as you can get those legs moving

Set yourself up with a stopwatch and switch between these four moves for 20 seconds of work each, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Repeat until you’ve completed 20 minutes

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