5 Tips For Bringing Focus & Calm Into Your Workplace

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Written By: Brianna Snyder

For a long time, I just wasn’t into decorating my spaces. Not at work, not at home.

That’s because I was insecure and worried my decor choices might reveal something about me that I’d rather keep hidden. And also I always kind of felt like, What’s the point? How long am I going to be in this space? Who cares if there’s stuff on the walls? I just need somewhere to sleep and watch TV.

Then I grew up. Of course it matters what your space looks like. Studies show that your environment is a major factor in your mental well-being. So it’s worth it to invest in the decor around you—in your house, in your office or cubicle, even your car.

Are you feeling crazed and stressed at the office? Here are five ways to spruce up your workspace for maximum calm.  

1. Plants

We’re plant evangelists around here, it’s true, but they really do brighten up any space! And at the office you have the freedom to pick any plant you think is prettiest (but relatively low-maintenance). You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets chewing on your office plant. So go for something spectacular that makes you happy to look at.

2. Soothing scents

You’ll be surprised how much keeping just unlit candles on your desk can improve your mood. The scented wax does enough to subtly infuse your space the smells that calm you: lavender, jasmine, lemon, vanilla, whatever you like.

3. Art

With your pictures of your family or friends, be sure to include a print or two of artwork that inspires and soothes you. It doesn’t have to be bad, stock hotel art! And it doesn’t have to be Cy Twombly, either. Just something that speaks to you, reminds you of your sensibility, and inspires you to be yourself.

4. Keep it clean

Just a reminder that all of those sloppy stacks of paper can generate a low buzz of anxiety in your body that you might not even be conscious of. But that untidiness can contribute to a feeling of disorder and disorganization. That doesn’t feel good! Every day, go through the clutter on your desk and Marie Kondo it. If you don’t absolutely need it—and if it doesn’t contribute to your happiness—relish the feeling of getting rid of it.

5. Create space for stretching

In 2018, we’re so done with sitting for eight hours at a time. If you can, get yourself a standing desk. Stash an old yoga mat nearby and take some time to stretch, flex, move. Knowing you’ve got a little self-care kit to turn to when you start to feel stiff or stressed or frustrated can make all the difference in the world.