Mother’s Day Bonding: 5 Healthy, Fun Ideas That AREN’T Brunch

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Written By: Melissa Fiorenza

While nothing says “I love you, Mom” quite like mimosas and buttermilk pancakes, there are other ways to celebrate your mother that don’t involve a $50 brunch. This Mother’s Day, honor your relationship by doing something together that’s good for the soul. Here are a few ideas.

1. Cook together.

Okay, so this one does involve food. But here’s the twist: ask your mom to teach you firsthand a family recipe you never got around to learning—like her or her mom’s secret marinara sauce. Already know ‘em all? Then flip open a cookbook and pick something nourishing that you’ll both enjoy. (Bonus points: Wear matching aprons. Come on, do it for the Insta pic.)

2. Get lost.

Hop in your car, pick Mom up, and drive out of town—no set destination and no using Waze, at least for the first couple hours. See where your ride takes you! If you stumble upon a lavender farm, get out and take a pic. If you end up somewhere suuuuper unsafe, well, then, turn on GPS and laugh about it the whole way home.

3. Hit up the outlets.

Agree to spend a certain amount on each other, then drive to your nearest clothing outlets. Pick outfits out for each other (your chance to totally help your mom show off those legs!) and grab a quick lunch in between. The healthy part? Walk, don’t drive, between all the stores. FitBits on, water bottles in bags.

4. Take a class.

Check out nearby events on Facebook or Google one-time classes in your town—perhaps a flower arranging class, a mother-daughter yoga class, a photography 101 session. Depending on timing, you might not find something happening right on Mother’s Day, but it’s still a plan!

5. Get pampered.

Either at the spa or at home with a few DIY mani/pedi kits and mud masks, nothing tops chatting and laughing over some good ole fashioned self-care. Just be sure to treat her to a little extra; she’s the one who raised you, after all.

Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it—turn off your phone (if you can), cherish these moments with your mom, and remember to thank her for all she’s done for you. Be present. That’s probably the best present you can give her.