This Is Why (And How) You Should Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

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Written By: Melissa Fiorenza

If you don’t already juice a lemon into your morning glass of H20 or drop a slice in your S’well before you head out for work, you’re missing out. Not only does the citrus fruit make your drink taste so spa-like, ahhh, but lemon water actually has several surprising health benefits and does a body good—especially in the morning. Take a look.

Reset your system.

Juicing a whole lemon in 16 ounces of warm—not hot—water in the AM is a gentle detox that will help to reset your system and cleanse your liver, says Melissa Eboli, a certified nutritionist and culinary nutrition expert. “It's best to do this as soon as you wake up and not to eat anything until 30 minutes later. Many people, including myself, who do this will feel energized and alert, minimizing the need for a morning cup of Joe too,” she explains.

Drink it warm.

Take note that Eboli mentioned warm water—not hot or cold. Why warm? Overall it aids in digestion, she says. “Cold water is harder to digest as it shocks the system and our body ends up fighting to warm up the water, which results in restricted blood vessels in the stomach making our system work extra hard. Our internal temperature is already warm, making the processing of drinking warm water much smoother.”

Get healthy skin.

Adios, acne. Well, sort of. Lemons contain vitamin C, which boosts collagen production in the body, explains Sunny Brigham, a board-certified clinical nutritionist with an MS in Clinical Nutrition. “We need collagen for healthy skin, especially as we age.”

Improve your digestion.

As we get older, many women tend to have a reduced amount of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid)—but we need stomach acid to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients, Brigham says. Enter lemons. So what can you expect if you increase your intake of lemon water in the morning? You’ll notice your breakfast sits a little lighter in the tummy and you’ll have reduced bloating, she adds.

Aid your weight loss.

This goes along with the improved digestion, says Brigham. “When we start actually digesting and absorbing the nutrients our body needs, our cells become healthier (fed) and we can let go of some of that stubborn weight we have been hanging on to.” But just to make things clear, just drinking lemon water will not necessarily promote weight loss. “Weight loss will come with improved overall diet and lifestyle changes. But it can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, which will aid in weight loss,” she says.

Boost your immunity.

Another benefit: your flavorful drink will be alkalizing, so it will reduce your body's acidic state to a more alkalizing state, explains Eboli. The benefit here is that when you are acidic your body is likely to have a weak immune system, and you are susceptible to disease. “So when you increase your body's Ph with alkalinity, it is healthier overall.”

And an obvious benefit, if you don’t already drink enough water? By making it more interesting (and refreshing) with a couple slices of lemon, you may find yourself drinking more than before and getting in your recommended ounces. Hydration plus health benefits = can’t go wrong. So when life hands you lemons (or the next time you’re at the supermarket), remember these benefits.