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5 Beauty Foods for Radiant Summer Skin 

 As you head into summer, eating a plethora of plant based foods will help you glow from the inside out. Summer crops are packed with phytochemicals – natural beauty boosters that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, naturally cooling and hydrating foods – that support radiant summer skin. Instead of lathering yourself in expensive creams, cover ups and toxic skincare products, take stock of your pantry this season and consider adding these 5 beauty foods to your grocery list to get your glow on. 

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Here’s How Many Calories are in Your Favorite Cocktails

Alcohol is definitely the best example of what we call “empty calories.” It’s just a bunch of sugar you’re dumping into your body because it feels amazing. If you’re a person who counts calories, it’s tough to know what your drink is hiding from you in terms of sugar and malt.

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