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Why You Should Stop Using Products With Palm Oil

When it comes to ingredients, keeping track of what’s great, what’s not so great and what needs to be avoided entirely can feel overwhelming. You start to wonder if you should walk around with a little cheat sheet, make up a catchy song full of acronyms or have a website bookmarked on your phone to glance through before buying anything. If you consider yourself an eco-friendly shopper or want to become more of a conscious consumer, knowing more about palm oil and the story behind it is a must.

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10 Low Maintenance Plants That Don’t Require A Green Thumb

Do you love to have plants in your home but can’t figure out how to keep them alive for the life of you? Are you determined to have thriving plants regardless of your lack of skills in the greenery department? We’ve rounded up the best plants that are nearly impossible to kill so the inside of your house can look more like a jungle instead of a plant cemetery.

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