5 Benefits of Hot Yoga


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Written By: Suzanne Kvilhaug

There’s two kinds of people in the world. People who complain about the weather being too hot and people who roll their eyes when people complain about the weather being too hot. Put me in the latter and if you’re there with me, then the thought of hot yoga probably gets you feeling all hot and unbothered. If you’re doing the complaining, then the thought of hot yoga probably makes you roll your eyes. Hot yoga isn’t for everyone yet if you’re eager to try it out or you’re on the fence, there are health benefits that may make it worth your while.

Benefits of hot yoga

Feeling hot hot hot! Hot yoga generally refers to a yoga workout in a hot and humid room. The different types of hot yoga classes can range in temperature from 80 degrees F to 108 degrees fahrenheit. The key to being safe during hot yoga is to stay hydrated, listen to your body and take a break or stop if you feel like you need to.

Puts you in a better mood

Anyone who has ever run a race, took a hard spin class or played a basketball game knows the “I’m feeling so good, nothing can bring me down” right after it’s done. Hot yoga is like that. You’ve worked out to the max, sweat is dripping off your face and you feel invincible. Bombs going off in the distance? Not worried! You see them as a symbol celebrating life and know everything is going to be fine and dandy. This is due to the “feel good” hormones like dopamine and serotonin released after an intense workout.

Gives you a good stretch

Feeling stiff and like it’s time to shake out the cobwebs? The heated room will help loosen your muscles and allow you to safely reach new levels of flexibility.  Heat increases the blood flow into the muscles so they're more workable. All of a sudden, those crazy pretzel poses don’t seem so crazy after all...

Reduces emotional eating

Would you consider yourself someone who “eats their feelings”? Are you a binge eater? Hot yoga can help! A study showed that heated yoga may help treat physiological stress reactivity and affective eating among women at risk for obesity-related illnesses.  

Burns calories

Burn baby, burn! If you’re looking to lose weight, throw a hot yoga class into your workout routine.  Hot yoga is more effective at burning calories then most forms of yoga and depending on the intensity, the number of calories burned in a hot yoga class can be between 500-1000.

Helps you gain clarity

When life gets messy, get sweaty! Hot yoga demands a lot of focus and concentration and in turn this can help your negative and nagging thoughts vanish. After class you’re in a great mood, you have a better handle on life and you have much more clarity on everything. All the problems you walked in the door with? Bye Felicia!